New Generation Wedding Photography with Mirrorless Cameras.

I have been invited by Fuji to give lectures about the possibility of shooting weddings with mirrorless cameras. I immediately said 'yes' to that generous invitation because I'm a true believer of the possibility of this game changing approach.

I have started to bring my adorable Fuji X-Pro2 to weddings and I’ve shot some weddings with it already this summer. I love the feeling of it. I am seriously thinking of changing the way I was working in the weddings because of this solid, reliable, light and beautiful camera. 

All the images from a gorgeous destination wedding of Melis and Dougal in Rhode Island had been shot only with Fuji X-Pro2.

When I first tried to shot a wedding with mirrorless camera before. Autofocus has been the low point, especially in low light at Fuji pro 1 but not anymore. This new camera has fully low light focus, beautiful skin tones and colors are really good. 

If you’re considering mirrorless as an option to DSLR’s for shooting weddings the Fuji X-Pro2 is a real contender. 


Reception through the glass.

water front bride and groom