Ethereal Romance on a California Wedding

Outdoor ceremonies at the ranches and vineries are popular choices for California weddings.

California weddings

There are no words to describe how sincere and romantic this wedding were. We were at one of the most beautiful ranch that is called Hammer Sky Vineyard Please vist the website for more information for our favorite ranch.

Since the reception was outdoors, Mirna wanted the lighting to be ethereal during dinner, with soft and warm lighting during the dancing portion of the evening. Creamy florals with a tangle of vines graced the tables while overhead chandeliers were hung among strings of lights suspended from the trees created the best atmosphere for this beautiful wedding. 


Photographers are not vampires, we reflect too!

Yes, photographers reflect from certain surfaces :) and we love it!!!

reflection of a photographer

Sometimes reflections can be annoying and not artistic. But creativity and good-quality photos depend on the photographer being able to see things differently may turn the regular picture into an artistic one.

Water, windows, mirrors or any sort of reflective surface can change an image into a work of art. Using reflections in photography can lead to some amazing effects and beautiful images.  I have a constant craving for reflections.

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Eleven Hearts have been selected one of the best portrait photographers in DC.

I am so happy to inform my old clients, colleagues, friends and family that Eleven Hearts Studios have been selected one of the best portrait photographers by Washington D.C. by EXPERTISE

I feel so thankful for all the support you've given me. Listen to your heart, I will find you...

Eleven Hearts Studios

Eleven Hearts Studios

Eleven Hearts Studios

Eleven Hearts Studios

Life of a Wedding Photographer for destination weddings.

Today is one of those days that I'm ready to take a good long vacation.

Most of my friends think that my life is already a good long vacation as a wedding photographer.

I have to admit that they might be right.

Imagine that you have to travel to the most amazing locations for work.

There is not much of a complaint on my end.


The recent destination wedding booking by Eleven Hearts Studios in Cancun, Mexico at Le Blanc resort is a simple proof of that.

Le Blanc Resort in Cancun, Mexico

Le Blanc Resort in Cancun, Mexico

I made a small list for my brides to consider for their big day if they are planning to have it abroad. 

  • plan ahead
  • pick a date while considering the national holidays
  • make your guest list in advance
  • reserve a resort which is big enough to accomodate your guests.
  • choose practical location that doesn't have to be to expensive for your guests
  • keep it simple
  • check the seasonal changes of weather, make plans accordingly. 
  • make sure that there won't be any local festival or gathering at the time of your wedding. 
  • Hire a local wedding planner who knows the area and vendors really well.



Wearing Vintage Gloves are the Summer Trend for 2016 Weddings.

While gloves were worn every day by previous generations of women and were worn as a matter of course at weddings, today's brides view gloves as optional. Modern brides are free to utilize the customs of the past or break all the rules. Along with veils and tiaras, gloves are a significant signal that on this day, the bride holds a special position. When considering gloves, brides often choose gloves that complement the dress and choose lengths that fit the dress.

Wearing Vintage Bridal Gloves can be a great choice for modern brides on their special day.

Wearing Vintage Bridal Gloves can be a great choice for modern brides on their special day.

Brides also are choosing vintage gloves for the style and sentimentality, or choosing fingerless gloves for the versatility. Knowing when to wear the gloves and when to take them off is important, as is practicing with the gloves. Flexibility regarding the rules is also a key to a great experience.

The most important factors in choosing gloves are the length and sizing.Brides find wedding gloves at bridal boutiques, department stores, and online sites. Finding gloves is easy on eBay and Etsy as sellers have a large inventory and are helpful allies in all wedding preparations.

Marrying in London? Don`t you love the retro look with this short wedding dress!

The shortest length of wedding dress ends above the knee and looks brilliant on petite brides who are worried about being swamped in a long dress. For her wedding in London, Kristen wore an embodied glamour gown by Fendi paired it with simple Gianvitorossi shoes. The Fendi dress featured intricate layers of fabric and sequin embellishments.  Along with a vintage headpiece and white peep-toe slingbacks, she wore her grandmother's pin on her bouquet.

shor twedding dress at london wedding





5 tips for photographing toddler at your home

Yay cake smash! Smashing sessions are messy and dirty but we always get tons of great images. It takes the toddlers full attention. You need to make sure the cake smash is the last part of your session, and to have a bathtub or shower nearby for cleanup. Wet wipes is just not enough in this case.

1. Ready for action. 
The moment of kid’s magic can go just as quickly as it comes. The available light and the creative spark needs to work together. Take your camera off of Burst Mode You’re going to be able to capture a child’s personality only in a split second.

2. Use Warmer Tones
Warmer tones allow a deeper personal connection with the photo. It also helps with the flesh tones to appear a bit more vivid and full of life. 

3. Focus on the subject
You can typically darken areas where the subject doesn’t land in the frame. This lets the viewer’s eye naturally gravitate towards the subject. Your composition plays a large role in this as well.

4. Change your angles. Get down to the child’s level when taking pictures of children. Try to get as many angles in as you can. If the kid is willing to sit still, change angles too.

5. Toddler session is technically challenging but the shutter speed is the key.There will be a lot of fast movement involved, often unexpected, so you have to be prepared.  If you don’t want to deal with motion blur, you need to use a high shutter speed. Never go under 1/250 with a toddler.

Newborn Black and White Photography.

Newborn simplicity...'the kind of photo I would want for my baby' his mother said. We preferred lifestyle look and Black and White baby session for this beauty. Meet Altan, 3 days old! And if you’re wondering…he was so peaceful and sleepy while at the studio.  Oh how I adore his squishable face! 




The fabulous costumes of Downton Abbey are the inspiration for this timelessly elegant gown. The veil frames the face with the most beautiful French Chantilly Lace light and photographs beautifully.

The 1920’s is the decade when fashion became more exciting and attractive. Our fabulous couple and their party were set in the table of various antique china which our beautiful bride Laura collected since the day she got engaged. Adding vibrant pops of gold mirror in the woods, clean whites in a sumptuous lace runner for the tables and Champagne and shrimps and the every detail of the decoration was the essence of the1920s Great Gatsby Party.


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Magara'da Gigi ile Dugun Fotografciligi Atolyesi.

Yaklaşik 9 senedir Muammer Yanmaz'in Magara'sında gerşekleştirdiğimiz Düğün Fotoğrafçılığı workshopları her zamanki gibi harika geçti. Bu workshopların en sevdiğim özelliği benim de seneler içinde Turkiye'de artişa geçen düğün fotoğrafçılığı ilgisinin şahidi olabilmem. Katılımcılara çok teşekkür ederim. Bir sonraki atolyede görüşmek üzere. 



Wedding cakes: Symbol for a beginning of sweet and strong relationship

Are you tired of seeing old-fashioned wedding cakes? If yes, then we can help you. This article would guide you to choose a superb cake for your wedding. Selection of a wedding cake is not an easy task because it depends on your budget and wedding theme as well. Undoubtedly, Wedding cake is definitely a best part of your big day. But the selection of cake creates lots of confusion in the mind. These days, white is the most fashionable and trendy color for the wedding cakes. Most of the wedding planners prefer to choose white color for a theme of this event from all over the world. In most countries of the world, bride and groom select cake of their wedding.  Wedding cakes can be easily available in several shapes, sizes and according to the budget. Nowadays, people also prefer to get miniature cupcakes that can be easily served to everyone. 

tiffany blue wedding cake

What style you prefer?

Check out these interesting facts about the traditions of wedding cakes in different countries.

  • In the United States, a bride keeps a right to choose her wedding cake. You would see chocolate, vanilla, trendy red velvet and fruit-filled cakes in most of the weddings in the US.
  • Korean wedding cakes are different from US style cakes. These are made from ground-steamed rice. We all know that most of the Koreans consume rice in large quantity and also like it in many desserts.
  • The people of the UK are slightly different because they prefer to get fruit-filled cakes for their weddings. They are more lovers of dry fruits than any other nation.

Let’s decorate your wedding cake

Nowadays, wedding cake decorations can be easily done according to the choice of the customers. Floral arrangements and crystals are widely used to cover the cakes. Secondly, matching of a cake with the bridal gown is becoming a popular trend throughout the world. The overall aesthetics of the wedding, theme and personal preferences of a couple play an important role in the decoration of a cake. In some traditions, white colored cake shows a family well-off and is a symbol of affluence. A cake can be easily customized with the help of refined sugar by adding flowers, fondant and frosting. The use of dummy is a good concept that gives a great look to the wedding cakes.

Why not trendy wedding cake variations?

Some of the trendiest wedding cakes are Theme cakes, Cheesecakes, Chocolate cakes, Croquembouche, cupcakes and Marzipan tiered fruit cakes. A large percentage of people prefer to include these cakes in their weddings. All of these cakes are delicious to eat and can be preserved for a day or two. 

Tight on the budget?

You all know that the price war of a wedding cake is hiking with the increase in competition. The price of a wedding cake depends upon the size, shape and its design. You don’t need to be worried because frosting cakes are cheaper than the fondants. On the other hand, additional detailing makes it more costly. Limited detailing of a cake can save lots of your money while the use of cupcakes requires more money to spend as compared to the six-tiered masterpiece. It is highly suggested to prefer a reliable and famous baker of the city. The expert caterers and bakers should be your first choice if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. Any experiment with a wedding cake can badly affect the whole event. Think wisely!!!

D.C. Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos by Eleven Hearts Studios.

Washington, D.C. is famous for the cherry blossoms that bloom once a year and turn the city into a fairy tale. Spring is making a very slow entrance this year and we know that we were still too early to have an engagement session when Justin and Alissa asked for an engagement session at the Tidal Basin! We had enough blossoms for perfect romantic session we made the best of it though. 

cherry blossom in washington dc

Don't forget to read David Coleman's article for more tips and trick to take better pictures at Cherry Blossom in D.C.

Iranian weddings: Honor and Love

Marriage is a symbol of connecting two souls and to make them live together for a lifetime. The ways of getting married differs from one religion to another. Sometimes, it also varies in a same religion due to the contradictions of some rituals. The case is same with the religion of Islam, in which the rituals of weddings differ from one country to another. In this article, we would like to discuss something about the Iranian wedding with you. Most of the people in Iran are Muslims while others are Persian.

The customs and traditions of an Iranian wedding are not in a very detailed form. A Muslim wedding is based on Nikah, which is a major wedding event. In Nikah, both bride and groom embrace the beginning of their relationship three times in front of everyone. 

The stages of Iranian wedding

This type of wedding actually based on two simple stages. The first stage is known as ‘Aghd’. It is basically a contract of marriage signed by the guardians of bride and groom. This contract confirms the beginning of the relationship between the couple. The next stage is known as ‘Jashn-e-Aroosi’. It is based on three to seven day celebrations in which several get together events are organized for the guests. A highly decorated large room with the beautiful flowers is used to organize the whole event. All the guests greet the bride and groom by giving them gifts and prayers during the wedding reception. 

Do you know Sofreh-ye-Aghd?

Sofreh-ye-Aghd is a mirror that is used to place in front of the bride and groom’s seats. It is a customary due to which a reflection of light comes from the mirror would make their faces more glowing.

Candelabras and Mirror use in wedding ceremonies by showing the symbol of fire and light. An important ritual is to cover the face of a bride before entering the room. She removes the veil after sitting with her man. The bridegroom then sees the face of his girl in the mirror.Quran (holy book of Muslims) is placed on the central area of a spread with the prayer kit and rug. 

How the Iranian wedding keeps evil away?

At the Iranian wedding, you would see another interesting thing which is a tray of spices and herbs. These herbs are Frankincense, Black tea, Nigella seeds, Salt, Angelica, Wild Rice and Poppy Seeds.

These are used with the belief of keeping all the evils away from the newlywed couple.Various sweets and coins are necessary to share among guests before the main feast. The feast of the wedding is based on most of the meaty items including mutton, beef and lamb.

Zoroastrianism the ancient tradition

Most of the Muslim Iranian weddings still follow some rituals of Zoroastrianism because of the ancient customs by their forefathers. A ritual of the mirror has been taken from the Zoroastrian culture which is not in Muslim’s religion.

 An Iranian wedding is undoubtedly a decent kind of ceremony that shows simple traditions. A white-colored theme gives stunning look to the whole event of an Iranian wedding. This color is a symbol of peace and everything looks more attractive with it.

Indian wedding: A perfect blend of rituals and traditions for a lifetime bonding

Have you ever seen a wedding in India? If no then we would tell you something interesting about it. Most of the people consider Indian wedding a ceremony of Hindu marriage, which is also called VivahaAlthough, India is a secular state where you would find millions of people who belongs to several other religions, but an Indian wedding reminds of a Hindu marriage. Everyone thinks that the vibrant and opulent look are the two most important things in an Indian wedding.

Some people think that gloss and glamour is sufficient to organize a perfect Indian wedding that is definitely not true. Hinduism is a religion that is quite strict about its sayings regarding a marriage. You would find it a ritualistic and serious affair as compared to the marriages performed by many other religions. 

Unique traditions of Indian weddings

You would find a western wedding fully opposite to the Indian-style marriage ceremonies. They are more colorful and vibrant than the western weddings. It is not about tying the knot between two people but also a legal and social affair. It is a combination of celebrations, values and traditions. Indian people consider it a soulful affair that builds a strong relationship between two families. It also varies according to the traditions and community rituals despite the same religion of Hinduism. But you would find four similar things at all Indian weddings that are emotion, commitment, love and concern. You would need to begin preparations several days before the wedding date as it is about multi-day affairs. 

Procedure of Indian wedding

An Indian wedding is not possible without performing some compulsory rituals. It is basically divided into three main parts including pre-marriage, main and post-marriage ceremony. The presence of a ‘Pandit’ is very important during the wedding for tying the knot between the couple. The groom’s scarf is tied with the bride’s sari which is a sign of building a soulful relationship. Mangala Sutra is a necklace that is used to tie on the bride’s neck for the confirmation of the wedding. Mangal pheras is a compulsory activity in which a couple walks four times around the sacred fire. Sanskrit (holy language of Hindus) is used to conduct the entire wedding event.

After an end of all the important rituals, the bride leaves for the home of her husband. The family of a groom welcomes a bride by placing a vessel filled with rice at the home entrance. Before entering inside the home, a bride uses her right foot to spill the rice from the vessel. All of these rituals are interesting to watch and everyone likes them a lot for the first time.Some common rituals are Saptapadi, Panigrahana and Kanyadaan. An Indian wedding is a blend of all these rituals that are full of colors and life. 

India: the land of different wedding styles

In India, you would see eight different types of marriages, including Paishacha marriage, Rakshaa marriage, Asura marriage, Gandhaarva marriage, Prajapatya marriage, Aarsha marriage, Daiva marriage and Brahma marriage. Brahma marriage is considered as one of the appropriate ways of a Hindu wedding. All of the affluent Indian, Hindu families prefer Brahma marriages.