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Wedding cakes: Symbol for a beginning of sweet and strong relationship

Are you tired of seeing old-fashioned wedding cakes? If yes, then we can help you. This article would guide you to choose a superb cake for your wedding. Selection of a wedding cake is not an easy task because it depends on your budget and wedding theme as well. Undoubtedly, Wedding cake is definitely a best part of your big day. But the selection of cake creates lots of confusion in the mind. These days, white is the most fashionable and trendy color for the wedding cakes. Most of the wedding planners prefer to choose white color for a theme of this event from all over the world. In most countries of the world, bride and groom select cake of their wedding.  Wedding cakes can be easily available in several shapes, sizes and according to the budget. Nowadays, people also prefer to get miniature cupcakes that can be easily served to everyone. 

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What style you prefer?

Check out these interesting facts about the traditions of wedding cakes in different countries.

  • In the United States, a bride keeps a right to choose her wedding cake. You would see chocolate, vanilla, trendy red velvet and fruit-filled cakes in most of the weddings in the US.
  • Korean wedding cakes are different from US style cakes. These are made from ground-steamed rice. We all know that most of the Koreans consume rice in large quantity and also like it in many desserts.
  • The people of the UK are slightly different because they prefer to get fruit-filled cakes for their weddings. They are more lovers of dry fruits than any other nation.

Let’s decorate your wedding cake

Nowadays, wedding cake decorations can be easily done according to the choice of the customers. Floral arrangements and crystals are widely used to cover the cakes. Secondly, matching of a cake with the bridal gown is becoming a popular trend throughout the world. The overall aesthetics of the wedding, theme and personal preferences of a couple play an important role in the decoration of a cake. In some traditions, white colored cake shows a family well-off and is a symbol of affluence. A cake can be easily customized with the help of refined sugar by adding flowers, fondant and frosting. The use of dummy is a good concept that gives a great look to the wedding cakes.

Why not trendy wedding cake variations?

Some of the trendiest wedding cakes are Theme cakes, Cheesecakes, Chocolate cakes, Croquembouche, cupcakes and Marzipan tiered fruit cakes. A large percentage of people prefer to include these cakes in their weddings. All of these cakes are delicious to eat and can be preserved for a day or two. 

Tight on the budget?

You all know that the price war of a wedding cake is hiking with the increase in competition. The price of a wedding cake depends upon the size, shape and its design. You don’t need to be worried because frosting cakes are cheaper than the fondants. On the other hand, additional detailing makes it more costly. Limited detailing of a cake can save lots of your money while the use of cupcakes requires more money to spend as compared to the six-tiered masterpiece. It is highly suggested to prefer a reliable and famous baker of the city. The expert caterers and bakers should be your first choice if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. Any experiment with a wedding cake can badly affect the whole event. Think wisely!!!