Iranian weddings: Honor and Love

Marriage is a symbol of connecting two souls and to make them live together for a lifetime. The ways of getting married differs from one religion to another. Sometimes, it also varies in a same religion due to the contradictions of some rituals. The case is same with the religion of Islam, in which the rituals of weddings differ from one country to another. In this article, we would like to discuss something about the Iranian wedding with you. Most of the people in Iran are Muslims while others are Persian.

The customs and traditions of an Iranian wedding are not in a very detailed form. A Muslim wedding is based on Nikah, which is a major wedding event. In Nikah, both bride and groom embrace the beginning of their relationship three times in front of everyone. 

The stages of Iranian wedding

This type of wedding actually based on two simple stages. The first stage is known as ‘Aghd’. It is basically a contract of marriage signed by the guardians of bride and groom. This contract confirms the beginning of the relationship between the couple. The next stage is known as ‘Jashn-e-Aroosi’. It is based on three to seven day celebrations in which several get together events are organized for the guests. A highly decorated large room with the beautiful flowers is used to organize the whole event. All the guests greet the bride and groom by giving them gifts and prayers during the wedding reception. 

Do you know Sofreh-ye-Aghd?

Sofreh-ye-Aghd is a mirror that is used to place in front of the bride and groom’s seats. It is a customary due to which a reflection of light comes from the mirror would make their faces more glowing.

Candelabras and Mirror use in wedding ceremonies by showing the symbol of fire and light. An important ritual is to cover the face of a bride before entering the room. She removes the veil after sitting with her man. The bridegroom then sees the face of his girl in the mirror.Quran (holy book of Muslims) is placed on the central area of a spread with the prayer kit and rug. 

How the Iranian wedding keeps evil away?

At the Iranian wedding, you would see another interesting thing which is a tray of spices and herbs. These herbs are Frankincense, Black tea, Nigella seeds, Salt, Angelica, Wild Rice and Poppy Seeds.

These are used with the belief of keeping all the evils away from the newlywed couple.Various sweets and coins are necessary to share among guests before the main feast. The feast of the wedding is based on most of the meaty items including mutton, beef and lamb.

Zoroastrianism the ancient tradition

Most of the Muslim Iranian weddings still follow some rituals of Zoroastrianism because of the ancient customs by their forefathers. A ritual of the mirror has been taken from the Zoroastrian culture which is not in Muslim’s religion.

 An Iranian wedding is undoubtedly a decent kind of ceremony that shows simple traditions. A white-colored theme gives stunning look to the whole event of an Iranian wedding. This color is a symbol of peace and everything looks more attractive with it.