5 tips for photographing toddler at your home

Yay cake smash! Smashing sessions are messy and dirty but we always get tons of great images. It takes the toddlers full attention. You need to make sure the cake smash is the last part of your session, and to have a bathtub or shower nearby for cleanup. Wet wipes is just not enough in this case.

1. Ready for action. 
The moment of kid’s magic can go just as quickly as it comes. The available light and the creative spark needs to work together. Take your camera off of Burst Mode You’re going to be able to capture a child’s personality only in a split second.

2. Use Warmer Tones
Warmer tones allow a deeper personal connection with the photo. It also helps with the flesh tones to appear a bit more vivid and full of life. 

3. Focus on the subject
You can typically darken areas where the subject doesn’t land in the frame. This lets the viewer’s eye naturally gravitate towards the subject. Your composition plays a large role in this as well.

4. Change your angles. Get down to the child’s level when taking pictures of children. Try to get as many angles in as you can. If the kid is willing to sit still, change angles too.

5. Toddler session is technically challenging but the shutter speed is the key.There will be a lot of fast movement involved, often unexpected, so you have to be prepared.  If you don’t want to deal with motion blur, you need to use a high shutter speed. Never go under 1/250 with a toddler.