These are just some of the frequently asked questions by our clients.
They may not cover all the questions you have. So, please feel to free ask us more.

Who takes the pictures at the wedding? 

Our main photographer, Gigi takes all the pictures herself. You will also have pictures from our assistant or second photographers if you choose to employ one along with our services. 

Do you work with someone else?

If requested by the client a second photographer or an assistant will accompany our main photographer Gigi for the wedding. Otherwise Gigi will work on her own.

What kind of equipment do you use? 

We use high end digital SLR cameras and latest technology accessories, although at times Gigi tries to step out of the boundaries and take some shots with various film cameras. This adds a nice touch of diversity and edge to the story of the day. We also carry the lighting and storage equipments, because we don’t want to leave any chance of not having light or space on our memory cards.

Do you have more than one wedding on a single day? 

Although some weddings last less than half a day we have never booked two weddings on the same date. We try to limit the number of weddings we do per year to be able to show the best attention to the ones that we've booked.

What happens if something happens to your equipment during the wedding? 

We always carry backup cameras and lenses for those unexpected situations.

What happens if you can’t make the wedding? 

Until now we have never missed a wedding that we have booked. But we already have our second photographers as well as a list of professional photographers that can cover for us in case of our photographer's unlikely absence.

How do you describe your style? 

Gigi's style is commonly known as fine art wedding photojournalism. Photojournalism thrives to compose a story out of an event using photography as a medium. When applied to weddings, photojournalism captures the moments as they happen during the wedding day. With the exception of formal photographs, there will be normally no posed or composed pictures in your final set. She will be looking out for all the sentimental and joyful events around you.

How about family portraits/formals? 

Our photographer spends 20-30 minutes shooting formal portraits of the wedding party and family before or after the ceremony. You can let us know your preference during our meeting. After the formal portraits, we would like to spend 30 minutes with just the bride and groom.

Do you have a time limit? 

Normally a wedding session lasts for 8-10 hours. Gigi never leaves a wedding before making sure that she captured all the unforgettable moments. If the session lasts more than 8 hours we'll have to charge extra by the hour, we can discuss this further during our talks. If the wedding runs longer than expected (since everybody is having so much fun) we can play it by ear then.

How many pictures will I receive? 

The number of shots we take depends on the number of hours of coverage requested. You will receive 400-800 photographs.

When will I receive my pictures? 

Your pictures will be ready approximately 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

Can I have pictures in different print sizes?
How about thank you cards and holiday 

You, your family and friends can order any of these products (and many more) via a private website that we provide. We only work with companies that maintain very high quality printing standards.

What kind of albums do you offer? 

We work with various high quality album companies like Leather Craftsmen, Cypress Albums and Queensberry, Couture Book. We choose different companies to be able to provide our customers with the widest range of options from contemporary coffee table albums to library bound leather matted albums to Japanese fabric covered hand made designs. Please contact the studio for options and pricing.

When will I receive my albums? 

After 4 weeks we will show you our selection of prints and design for your album. Once you approve this design you will receive the album in 6-8 weeks. The total turn around time for albums is around 10-12 weeks. These times may vary according to the album type and extra features selected.

What is a DVD album with music? 

DVD albums are selected and digitally edited images put together with music of your choice. You can show these albums to friends and family on most DVD players or your computer. Every DVD album is designed from scratch with special intro and menu sections. All DVD albums come in specially designed DVD casing and inserts.

How do you process your images? 

Our photographers spend 40-50 hours on a well established digital workflow. As soon as they get back to  the office, no matter how late it is, we take multiple backups of your images and keep a copy of all the originals in a safe place. In the next few days we take out the images that are unusable and do color corrections and edit the rest of the images. Over the years we have developed our own steps to achieve the best effects that will make you happy for years to come. Some images beg to be converted to black and white and we identify them with the experience we have gained over the years.

Why do I get high-resolution images on a CD/DVD? 

We like the idea of giving various options to couples. Although all images are viewable online and reprints can be ordered using, we provide high resolution images (aka digital negatives) so that couples can take them to any lab to order reprints.

What if I want to share my images with friends and family over the internet? 

All your images are uploaded to a password protected private website. You can share this site with your friends and family on Social Media and order reprints. You can select which images will be shared and which ones will be in your private collection from the same site.

How long do you keep my images? 

We archive your images for one year after the wedding. Although we do not erase any images over the years, unfortunately we can not guarantee to have your pictures after one year.