Taken by Rosemary Dai Ross

Taken by Rosemary Dai Ross


If I knew my last day on earth was tomorrow, I would eat! My last meal would be a two-pound lobster with drawn butter. I don’t care how the lobster was prepared, as long as it was juicy and succulent. (Love that word). There would be a really chewy glass of red…(yeah, I know you don’t drink red wine with lobster, but I do.) There would be a slice of my own pear tart. I make an amazing one.  I love to cook. Eating and cooking…heaven!

My favorite movie of all time is Casablanca! Hands down. I once saw it 13 times in a week. “Here’s looking at you kid!” I love good fiction, but I am a sucker for murder mystery thrillers. As long as they are well written. I also love historical fiction and if it’s a historical murder mystery thriller, well what more can you ask for…?  - Sushi!! I have two boys, Max and Walker, both out of the house now. Oh do I miss them. They grew up way to fast. The two cats, Calvin and Hobbs are still here. Hobbs will be the one in my lap. 

Gotta mention my love of travel.  I would go anywhere in the world, anytime. Life is too short and the world is too big to see it all, but I sure am gonna try. I’ve been on four continents… I still have South America, Australia (Is that REALLY a continent?) and Antarctica to go. 

And of course my art, photography. I didn’t come to it right away. It crept up on me about 28 years ago while working as a psychotherapist. Before that I was working in NYC’s art galleries after earning a Masters in painting.  It was a winding road, but it became my passion and it is what I will do ‘til the day I die. I love capturing the feelings and emotions between people or within themselves. I think that is what makes a great portrait…the feelings and personality that make an image compelling. 

A dream I never even knew I had was realized when I was asked to photograph the President of the United States, Barak Obama. I have photographed him on five visits to Seattle now. It still blows me away that I hung out in the same room with the President.  Never new POTUS stood for President of the United States. Hah, First Lady of the United States is FLOTUS. Now that sounds really flattering. 

I have won a few awards along the way and I have been published in number of publications too. But my favorite thing in the world is capturing that amazing image that just speaks to me. Sometimes at night, I will bring it up on my computer screen, turn off the lights and just stare at it from my doorway. When that happens I know I created magic again. I guess that makes me something of a magician too!