New York's Legalization of Gay Marriage

Hello New York! We're very happy to hear that NY is now among the States that legalized same sex marriage. As Eleven Hearts Photography we've always believed and supported love in all its forms. Since March 2010 we've been capturing those precious moments here in Washington DC, now it's your turn New York!

Welcome! What took you so long?

Best Wedding Albums Companies and Eleven Hearts Photography


We always worked with the best wedding album companies like Leather Craftsman, Graphie Studio, Quensbery, Couture, Cypres and more. We believe that a professionally designed wedding album is the best way to preserve and showcase your wedding pictures. Thinking of  digital age and overwhelming social media existence,  sharing your most intimide moments on a screen should not be the only way to go. Sure, it takes time to design, print, and bind a wedding album but it's future proof. We work with the best companies all over the world, and each and every wedding album professionally printed and bound in a beautiful linen or leather volume. If you have a CD of your wedding pictures, and want an album designed it is still here are tons of different options Just send me a note and we’ll send you the rates.

We would like to talk about  a wonderful custom Presentation Box that Cyprus just created for  photographers. Two of the slip-in cases on the left side of the box have velvet jewelry holders. There is a removable mat for a print that is magnetically held into the box. They also created a custom envelope out of fabric that slips under the tray and is easily removed with the ribbon.


As you can see the possibilities are endless! It's great to have everything from the wedding day all perfectly stored in an Heirloom Presentation Box.

We love it!