Wedding Day Decoration

The wedding is always an unforgettable day, mostly for everyone in it, it’s a natural phenomenon. Many reasons make it unforgettable. That special day come and go, it is remembered by many. But if you ask someone who attended a marriage ceremony that what you remember very well about the marriage that was about 4 or 5 years ago, he/she will tell you many things but, there must be the theme of the wedding day. That long lasts in peoples' mind.

Decor for wedding is important as same as a color for a car or for a dress. Just imagine, a dress or a car without any color or theme? Won’t you prefer to add some color in it? Yes, surely you will, because colorful theme makes you attract more towards it. So as the case with weddings, if you want to add a good flavor in it, you should focus on its theme, because it gives makes you feel and look out of the ordinary in there and it established the mood of the ceremony. In other words, you should be extra careful about marriage decor.

Don’t worry about having a good wedding decoration. First of all watch yourself out, what suits you the most? And what represents you and your partner in a good way? Think, discuss, and dig that out. It could have common interests, preferable season, and favorite location and most important, the color theme. Mostly, brides keep the wedding decor color theme based upon their favorite color. Good color combination is the first step to make an impression of the function, whether you want boldness in the party, modest and sophisticated or passive one. The color will tell you the story. So you choose it with care because it will influence the rest of your festivities. 

Apart from that, it can include:

• Flowers are the most extensively used for decoration. 

• Covers on chair and table.

• Any type of lighting such as light bulbs which are colored, lanterns, candles etc.

• Bells made from tissue paper hanged on a wall.

• Colorful ribbons to make bows from and place it on chairs and other places.

• Giving the touch of some personalized stuff, such as if you are a sportsman, you would like to give some sort of sporty touch to the theme.

It needs an extra care to make everything coherent. Like wedding dresses and color of flowers should match. It’s like you have everything in your hand, knowing where to place it to make it look meaningful. Choosing color combination is something sensitive, you should choose colors carefully because it kinda represents your wedding ceremony. You can use the combination of different colors like bright and light-colored combination, such as counter height to cores by blossoming branches of cherry, which subsist innately brown and pink. You can wow your wedding without bursting your complete budget buy wedding flowers. Particularly garden-fresh flowers can play the center of attention role in decoration which is available fitting to the season. Everything should be looking familiar with the other one, like dress should be according to the wedding color them decoration or vice versa. Combination of every bit of decoration makes its own flavor. When you think you done, just take a deep look, and imagine it, be sure it makes you feel good. Because you are going to remember this day forever, years after years, you will see these things again and again in photos. So don’t miss anything now.