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QT is Beautiful albums built for fine art photographers and affordably  priced. The digital age is keeping Fine Art photography on our external drives.

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Eleven Hearts Studios find it so useful to have Wedding Albums or Portrait Albums for the studio samples and also for our clients.

We recommend to our bride albums are something that would be with you for a long, long time even for the future generations.  When it comes to selecting the best album company, we are very picky. We always work with the best of the best high end companies. One of the reasons that our album packages are quite expensive is simply because of that.

We are happy to announce that we find this new company called QT.

They are very professional, great quality of work and affordable prices. It is a European Company who is in love with Fine Art Photography. They are simply helping Fine Art photographers like us to create heirlooms which will last for decades. 

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Indian wedding: A perfect blend of rituals and traditions for a lifetime bonding

Have you ever seen a wedding in India? If no then we would tell you something interesting about it. Most of the people consider Indian wedding a ceremony of Hindu marriage, which is also called VivahaAlthough, India is a secular state where you would find millions of people who belongs to several other religions, but an Indian wedding reminds of a Hindu marriage. Everyone thinks that the vibrant and opulent look are the two most important things in an Indian wedding.

Some people think that gloss and glamour is sufficient to organize a perfect Indian wedding that is definitely not true. Hinduism is a religion that is quite strict about its sayings regarding a marriage. You would find it a ritualistic and serious affair as compared to the marriages performed by many other religions. 

Unique traditions of Indian weddings

You would find a western wedding fully opposite to the Indian-style marriage ceremonies. They are more colorful and vibrant than the western weddings. It is not about tying the knot between two people but also a legal and social affair. It is a combination of celebrations, values and traditions. Indian people consider it a soulful affair that builds a strong relationship between two families. It also varies according to the traditions and community rituals despite the same religion of Hinduism. But you would find four similar things at all Indian weddings that are emotion, commitment, love and concern. You would need to begin preparations several days before the wedding date as it is about multi-day affairs. 

Procedure of Indian wedding

An Indian wedding is not possible without performing some compulsory rituals. It is basically divided into three main parts including pre-marriage, main and post-marriage ceremony. The presence of a ‘Pandit’ is very important during the wedding for tying the knot between the couple. The groom’s scarf is tied with the bride’s sari which is a sign of building a soulful relationship. Mangala Sutra is a necklace that is used to tie on the bride’s neck for the confirmation of the wedding. Mangal pheras is a compulsory activity in which a couple walks four times around the sacred fire. Sanskrit (holy language of Hindus) is used to conduct the entire wedding event.

After an end of all the important rituals, the bride leaves for the home of her husband. The family of a groom welcomes a bride by placing a vessel filled with rice at the home entrance. Before entering inside the home, a bride uses her right foot to spill the rice from the vessel. All of these rituals are interesting to watch and everyone likes them a lot for the first time.Some common rituals are Saptapadi, Panigrahana and Kanyadaan. An Indian wedding is a blend of all these rituals that are full of colors and life. 

India: the land of different wedding styles

In India, you would see eight different types of marriages, including Paishacha marriage, Rakshaa marriage, Asura marriage, Gandhaarva marriage, Prajapatya marriage, Aarsha marriage, Daiva marriage and Brahma marriage. Brahma marriage is considered as one of the appropriate ways of a Hindu wedding. All of the affluent Indian, Hindu families prefer Brahma marriages.

Wedding Day Letter to the Bride.

St. Mathews Cathedral

St. Mathews Cathedral

It is nothing like as romantic as the moment when bride reading a letter from groom. A wedding day letter to the bride is one of the best gift that could groom ever give. Their love has embarked upon a journey that will change their lives forever. During this time, it is normal to reflect upon hopes and dreams for the couple in the future. A beautifully composed letter is sure to be passed from generation to generation, becoming a family wedding tradition for years to come.