3 most important tips for mom at pregnancy shoots.

Annie Leibovitz photographed pregnant Demi Moore for the front cover of Vanity Fair then Voila!  A pregnancy photography session is a stunning way to capture a woman’s body but documenting her during pregnancy can be really challenging . Here are some quick tips for your pregnancy photographs to be more sensual, graceful and intimate. For bookings please contact with Simone at

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1. Practice and talk more about poses with your photographer prior tho the session to explain and define your style. Decide how much nudity you are going to comfortable with and don't forget to bring some loose colorful fabrics to cover your body during the photo session. 

2. Pregnancy is such a special time in your life. In just a few short months a tiny new person will be joining your family. Posing is very important without getting you really tired during the session. Try to take short breaks as much as you needed. You shouldn't be all over the place working really hard to pose. Your photographer should be the one who makes all the moves. Try to pose your arms around your belly most of the time that will emphasize the baby while flattering the rest of your body shape. Always try to look down or directly into the camera.

3. And finally getting daddy to the scene is very important. You’ve probably never looked more vibrant, radiant in your life but getting daddy into the scene makes the images more about love, relationship and emotion than they are about Mom’s body.