destination weddings

Life of a Wedding Photographer for destination weddings.

Today is one of those days that I'm ready to take a good long vacation.

Most of my friends think that my life is already a good long vacation as a wedding photographer.

I have to admit that they might be right.

Imagine that you have to travel to the most amazing locations for work.

There is not much of a complaint on my end.


The recent destination wedding booking by Eleven Hearts Studios in Cancun, Mexico at Le Blanc resort is a simple proof of that.

Le Blanc Resort in Cancun, Mexico

Le Blanc Resort in Cancun, Mexico

I made a small list for my brides to consider for their big day if they are planning to have it abroad. 

  • plan ahead
  • pick a date while considering the national holidays
  • make your guest list in advance
  • reserve a resort which is big enough to accomodate your guests.
  • choose practical location that doesn't have to be to expensive for your guests
  • keep it simple
  • check the seasonal changes of weather, make plans accordingly. 
  • make sure that there won't be any local festival or gathering at the time of your wedding. 
  • Hire a local wedding planner who knows the area and vendors really well.