Thankful for my squarespace mobile app.

It has been a huge struggle for me to post a new entry on my wedding blog. Plan ahead, take notes, copy-paste, schedule to be in front of my computer and so on…

I was postponing using the Squarespace App for such a long time. The more I start giving it a chance the more I became addicted to it.

Posting a blog is a completely different experience right now with a Squarespace App.

For instance, I am waiting at the dentist office right now I launch the App and hit new entry and start writing.

Knowing that the whole experience can be interrupted in a minute does not irritate me at all. I know that I will be back to finish it in a couple of hours without waiting to go back to the studio in front of my computer.

I can also make so many changes for my website as well just by using the Squarespace App. I remember the times when I had to learn Html codes to make the smallest changes for my website or relying on other people’s availability to get your website running.

I love using Squarespace.

It has been 10 years now that my business is in their hands.

Thank you!