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How to keep your Bridesmaids Happy.

It doesn’t matter whether your Bridesmaids are covered in tattoos or have two left feet. Just make sure they are happy!

10 Rules to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy!

Rule #1: Keep costs down.

A bride can be a total bummer when she picks out an incredibly unrealistic dress for her bridesmaids to wear. No matter what the lady at the dress salon may tell you, chances are this dress may never be worn again. Keep your bridesmaids happy (and their pocketbooks in check) with a beautiful – albeit realistically-priced – dress selection.

Rule #2: Pick out a flattering dress.

Every bridesmaid’s body shape is different, so the same dress style won’t flatter each girl the same. Instead, consider selecting an alternative dress – like a convertible dress – that can be worn multiple ways in the same shade. Believe me… they’ll be so happy you did. And, convertible dresses are DEFINITELY re-wearable!

Rule #3: Communicate (with Specificity).

If you expect your bridesmaids to tackle certain tasks, be specific. Communicate your wishes in advance and explain what you’d like them to do. For example, you might ask Stephanie and Monica to hand out programs at the ceremony, while Melissa places the aisle runner before the ceremony. Keep the tasks light and simple. Also, print out any info on a 3×5″ card for each bridesmaid just in case.

Rule #4: Select a neutral-toned shoe.

Do you know what color shoes your bridesmaids want to wear? The color shoes she already has. In her closet. Let your bridesmaids use their best judgment with a shoe that’s comfortable for them (and probably is already a favorite pair in their closet). For example, every girl has a pair of black heels (or flats). Keep it simple and tell ‘em to wear any shoe in a color that works with the dress. They’ll be so happy you did.

Rule #5: Nix any wedding talk on girls’ night.

You may have cake tiers and wedding hairstyles on your mind 24/7, but your bridesmaids are likely not obsessing over your big day. So, keep the wedding chatter to a minimum whenever possible – and, nix any and all wedding talk on girls’ night (unless they ask first). It’ll keep you focused on having fun (and keep you sane, too).

Rule #6: Give her a gift she’ll love to use / wear.

A bridesmaid gift is a token of your appreciation and a way to say thank you for being there for you. Giving a gift is a customary way to say thanks and means most when the gift has meaning or is custom-suited to her individual style. As my sister’s Maid of Honor, she gifted me with a pair of gorgeous silver and pearl earrings for special occasions, along with a cute top (suited to my style!) to wear with my favorite pair of jeans. I treasure the earrings and wear them at any chance I get, while my cute top is on constant rotation and became an instant favorite. Case in point: give a gift that she’ll actually use… and give a gift specially selected with her individual style in mind.

Rule #7: Have food available on the day of the wedding.

Some weddings begin at the crack of dawn with mimosas and hair appointments and last well into the night. Keep your bridesmaids happy by keeping them energized with food and drink available throughout the day. My sister – best MOH ever – brought Jimmy John’s sandwiches to the Church for us to snack on before getting ready. Best idea ever!

Rule #8: Give her a wedding-day itinerary ahead of time.

For the wedding festivities, have a plan in writing to keep the timeline organized. Let bridesmaids know where the rehearsal will be held, when, and what is planned afterward (such as dinner or brunch), along with the wedding time and location, a map, and cell phone numbers in case she needs to get in touch with you or a vendor.

Rule #9: Say thank you. Many, many times.

Simple as that.

Rule #10: Never, ever, ever be a bridezilla…

… because lunatic isn’t a shade that looks good on anyone. Also, being happy is contagious and a happy bride equals happy bridesmaids.

 *rules listed by

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